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Welcome at the website of Stal Hazelberg

miniature horses


mini paarden


paarden te koop


miniatuur paarden


kleine paardjes



We are a small farm located in the south of the Netherlands.

We fell in love with the American Miniatures in 2000.

Since that time we are working, loving, enjoying and breeding with these Amazing little horses.


Our goal was and still is that every horse we produce comes from World Quality horses!!

At this moment we own a select group of wonderful mares and a few outstanding stallions, with incredible pedigrees:  

* Boones Little Buckeroo * NFC Egyptian King * First Knight Bit O Hot Shot

* Love Me Tender * Orion Light van ‘t Huttenest *L&D Scout

* Lazy N Boogerman * Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo


Some of our horses are Multiple Grand European Supreme Champions and World Grand Champion!

At this point we are one of the Top breeders of this Sweet and elegant breed and we are very proud of this!

As you will see on the pictures on our website we try to breed the Arabian type of the Miniatures….that we love so much.


Thanks for visiting our website and enjoy your journey through the World of the Miniature Horses of Stal Hazelberg.

If you have questions you can always contact us…….we will always try to help you.

Ben & Carla

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