Name: Westernboy

Born: Netherlands, 29/04/2005

Color: sorrel pinto

Height: 33.75 inch (= 86cm)




Breeding conditions: € 3500,-  for EUSAM, AMHA, AMHR,


Westernboy is available for a few outside mares, please contact us for the possibilities.


Breeding fee is inclusive stabling of the mare and if necessary her foal.

Also included guarantee for a live foal and ultra sound scannen for pregnancy.


We are very, very proud to have Westernboy, who is born at our place!


In 2005 we imported the fantastic mare Alliance Tenders All That Jazz from the States to The Netherlands.

This daughter of Love Me Tender (World Champion) was in foal to multiple World Grand Champion and

World Champion Get of Sir First Knights Redi or Not.

That we should have a foal with a lot of potential, that was sure, but that we should get with Westernboy much and

much more we didn't know that…

He not only got the Reserve European Supreme Champion titel; In 2007 we fly over to the States with Westernboy and

our dream came true, on onbelieveble dream.......he was the new : World Grand Champion Amateur Stallions 2007 !!


Westernboys foals are very typical and distinguish theirselves from all other foals by their exotic nice extremely Arabische (dishy) head, their extravagante movement and a lots of showpotential, they got from their father, SHM REDIS WESTERNBOY.

The show results from SHM REDIS WESTERNBOY:

  1. World Grand Champion Junior Stallions                                         2007

  2. Reserve World Champion two year old stallions                             2007

  3. Multiple Grand & Supreme Champion                                            2005 - 2016

  4. European Grand Champion AMHA                                                 2010

  5. European Supreme Champion AMHA                                             2010

  6. European Grand Champion AMHR                                                 2011

  7. European Champion Get of Sire AMHA                                         2012 - 2013

  8. European Champion Get of Sire AMHR                                         2013

  9. Supreme Champion Country Pleasure Driving                                2016

  10. World Champion Get Of Sire                                                           2016

  11. World Champion Country Pleasure Driving Gentlemen                  2016

  12. World Champion CP 34 & under                                                     2016

  13. World Champion CP stallions & geldings                                        2016

  14. World Grand Champion CP Driving                                                2016

  15. World Supreme Champion Driving                                                  2016

Westernboy is the stallion with the most prestigious titles from all stallions and mares from all over the world !!

If you can find a stallion or mare with more titles similar as he has, we give you a breeding from Westernboy for free !!

also his offspring is a dependability for titles:

  1. SHM Westernboys Cover Girl                   Multiple Grand & Supreme Champion

  2. SHM Westernboys Dutch Design              World Top Three; multiple Grand & Supreme Champion                                                   

  3. SHM Westernboys European Idol             Multiple Grand ( 18) & Supreme (6)  Champions

  4. SHM Westernboys Exotic Queen              Multiple Grand & Supreme Champions

  5. SHM Westernboys Femme Fatal               Multiple Grand  Champion

  6. SHM Westernboys Georgio Armani         Multiple Grand Champion

  7. SHM Westernboys  Gift From Nature      Multiple Grand & Supreme Champions

                                                                          World Champion EBBO Senior Stallions

                                                                          World Reserve Champion stallions 32 – 34”

                                                                          World reserve Grand Champion senior Stallions

   8. SHM Westernboys  Headliner                   Multiple Grand Champion

                                                                          World Champion EBBO & Amateur & Opne

   9. SHM Westernboys Indiana Jones              Multiple Grand & Supreme Champion

                                                                          World Champion EBBO & Open

   10. BMS Redi Westernboys Diamond Star   Multiple Grand & Supreme Champion

   11. MVN Westernboys Silverstorm               Multiple Grand Champion

                                                                          World Champion yearling stallions

                                                                          World Grand Champion yearling stallions


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